The training programs of Action scaffold training center provide the participant's knowledge and skills in line with business expectations so that they are immediately operational after completing their training. There are multiple phases to the training.

Our training courses aim to be relevant, innovative and pragmatic by combining theory and concrete application. 

Here are the training programs we offer

Suspended scaffolding training

  • SAIA-01: User operator of suspended scaffolding
  • SAIA-02: Competent person - Suspended scaffolding

Rosette scaffolding training

  • SAIA-03: Competent person - Rosette scaffolding

Frame scaffolding training

  • SAIA-05: Competent person - Frame scaffolding

Prevention and safety training

  • EC-11: Scaffolding inspection training

Fall protection training 

  • E-3M-01: Protection against falls - Essential # 6208
  • E-3M-02: Protection against falls - Complete # 6218
  • E-3M-03: Protection against falls - iIspection # 6222
  • E-3M-05: Rescue at height

Lifting platforms training 

  • FRACO: Level 1: User
  • FRACO: Level 2A: Installer, freestanding base
  • FRACO: Level 2B: Istaller ground base with anchor

Confirned space training 

  • Confined space: entering - Confined space supervisor

Other training courses are also offered and can be adapted to your needs such as:

  • Aluminum scaffolding
  • Fiberglass scaffolding 
  • Scaffolding inspection

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